Residential Needs – 10/16

Residential Needs

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Residential Needs HOUSING: Over 11,000 individuals with Intellectual and Developmental (IDD) Disabilities who need residential supports are currently on OPWDD’s Residential Request List:

  • 46% of Caregivers report being over the age of 60
  • 80% of Individuals placed in certified settings (from 7/2015-7/2016) were in CRISIS!

Their transition was not Person-Centered!

  • 53% of households have only one caregiver
  • 61% of caregivers report that they are experiencing health related issues that make it difficult to care for their loved one

OPWDD’s 2016-17 available supply of certified residential opportunities (vacancies + new capacity) is projected to be 1,421 – helping less than 43% of those living with aging caregivers.

NO Residential Development:

The $120 Million from 2016-17 budget dedicated to supports to meet the needs of people living at home and transitioning from the school system (Community Hab, Day Hab, Employment) is not available for certified housing.

Only $10 Million of the $120 Million dedicated in the budget STATEWIDE is allocated to residential supports for people who are not Priority 1.

$10 million = approximately $2 million/region = approximately 12 people per region could be supported in certified housing. But the DDROs were instructed to look at non-certified options, subsidies and less expensive options to serve more (which means higher functioning) people. Individuals requiring medication, nursing, or behavior support NEED care in a certified setting per OPWDD regulation.

The lack of funding is unfair and discriminatory to those with more needs.


$100 million in NEW spending (State Share) dedicated to NEW Certified Residential Development

$200 million (State and Federal share) in NEW annual spending= $40 million/region = approx. 1,333 statewide, or 267 people per region will be supported in certified housing development.




Capital Region : ENYDDA , Patrick Curran/Brad Pivar,  

Western New YorkDDAWNY Family Committee,  Kathy Bunce/Barb Delong ,              

Hudson Valley Area:  GROW, Barbara Masur/Will Mayerik,                                                                            

New York City:  NYC FAIR ,  Jim Karpe/Meri Krassner/Elly Rufer,